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There are loads of creatives out there who can make sh*t look good, which is why we create identities with meaning and purpose as well.

Our Story

We built our friendship on poor design humour and joked about one day making a change in the industry. A couple of night out, and a few beers later, we decided to go for it. Oll Korrect was born.

But why Oll Korrect? The name relates to the origin of the word OK, and how it started out as a joke between a group of friends, yet became so recognisable. We were inspired by its growth and how one tiny word can have such a big impact. Morse code, sign language, everybody knows how to say OK. We took this philosophy and applied it to our practice, creating and building brands with scalability, adaptability and growth in mind to set them up for success.


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Jack Whitelegg

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